Provost Farms is a family run farm. We specailize in all nature meat/pet/show rabbits, ducks, guineas, quail, squab pigeons, pheasants,   and chickens. We also have all pure breeds and pedigreed breeders for all our livestock. Pet rabbits like Netherland Dwarfs and Mini Rex are also available. For chickens we have blue/ black Silkies, Double Tuffted Rumpless Auraccauna, Old English Bannies in a variety of colors (like creole, lavender browns, and standards), Bantam Polish in white and white crested black , Saromas,  and CornishX (for meat). For Guineas we have Pearl and Lavender. We raise pure Californian and Newzealand rabbits for meat.  For ducks we have Pekin, Rouen, Cayuga, muskovy, black Indian Runner, and blue Swedish. We also have some beautiful grey, white, and chocolate call ducks and austrailian spotted duck in which came from a very well known and respectable breeder whome has been breeding for 20+ years. We also raise courtnix quail for meat or breeders. We have Red Golden, Golden, & Lady Amherst Pheasants as pairs or singles. Last but not least we have pairs or single White King Pigeons (Squab) for meat or breeding stock. Everyone who works on our farm is either family or a very close family friend. Our farm is on a beautiful 205 acres in which is surounded by a state forrest. All our water is supplied by 4 spring brooks that litterally bubble right out of the ground, so there is no contamination when it comes to our animals.
Provost Farms
We are now accepting orders.
For information, ordering, and pricing. Contact Gary or Candace Provost by phone @ (518)293-7045 or via email @
meat rabbits
show/laying/meat chickens
call ducks
pigeons (squab)
show/pet rabbits
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NYS C5A/ NPIP inspected